Shield Bright 312

Shield-Bright 312 was developed for welding of high carbon steels and for the first layer cladding of carbon and low alloy steels. The best results are obtainable when the “buttering” technique is used. Shield-Bright 312 can be used as a clad layer with superior corrosion resistance or as a buffer layer. It was also designed for welding out-of-position and performs well with minimal slag and easy clean-up. Shield-Bright 312 has limited success on lead-free free-machining steels (example: AISI 11XX, 12XX), 303, 416, and 430F stainless steels. Preheating is only necessary at carbon levels over 0.2% for carbon steels.

Proceso de soldadura

  • FCAW – Flux Core Arc Welding

Propiedades típicas de Tensión

Alargamiento Gas de protección Límite de flujo Resistencia a la tracción
24 % 75% Ar – 25% CO2 630 MPa 830 MPa
24 % 100% CO2 620 MPa 810 MPa


Composición química

P Mn C S Si Ni Cr
0.025 % 1.30 % 0.10 % 0.006 % 0.75 % 9.6 % 29.0 %


Aprobaciones: AWS A5.22; E312T1-(4)
Clasificaciones: AWS A5.22; E312T1-(4)

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